Ann Rogers


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Products: Medicinal herbs, maple syrup, organic pizza crust, fragrances

Categories: Floyd Farmers Market, Herbs & Flowers

Products include:

  1. ArborReal Fragrance of Forest and Field
  2. Rock Castle Treasugar — maple syrup made from sugar maples growing 8 miles south of Floyd Farmers Market
  3. Dried medicinal herbs: dried black cohosh root, dried ginseng leaf, dried yarrow leaf, dried lemon balm leaf, dried comfrey leaf, dried coltsfoot leaf, dried wood betony leaf, wood betony seed
  4. Pizza crust made from organic wheat ground by hand on a stone grinder.

Earned Chartered Herbalist diploma from Dominion Herbal College, Canada in 2011. Strong advocate for use of herbal medicines.

Last updated on March 27th, 2023

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