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Peter Houchin

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Products: A producer of sprouted organic nuts and seeds, sprouted organic nut and seed butters.

Categories: Artisanal Foods

Blue Mountain Organics is all about making the most nutritious organic raw food products. Tucked away in the wonderful community in Floyd where people have long preserved and cherished the land, we value the pure, nourishing food that comes from it. We do not add artificial flavors, colors, sugar, salt, or preservatives. We’ve been making simple, pure, organic, non-GMO, and Kosher foods here for over ten years.

We source ingredients from organic farmers, then sprout and stone-grind nuts and grains to make nutritious and easily digestible nut butters, trail mixes, and flours. Our primary customers are those seeking purity and nutrition from what they consume. Whether you are struggling with symptoms of metabolic disorders from inflammation to leaky gut, an autoimmune condition to diabetes, or simply seeking to make wellness a part of your life, welcome to Blue Mountain Organics. We have something for you.

We are an online store but give discounts to local folk who purchase online and come to pick up their goodies. Just tell us you will pick up your order when making the purchase.

Last updated on March 27th, 2023

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