Bright Farm

Debby Bright

794 Spangler Mill Road, Floyd, VA 24091

(540) 745-5790

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Products: Grass fed beef: no grain, no antibiotics, no growth hormones. Pastured pork: hogs raised on pasture, start to finish

Categories: Farms

All our animals are raised on pasture. The beef is all grass fed and finished, no grain, no antibiotics, no growth hormones. We raise the pork from start to finish, all on pasture, without antibiotics or growth hormones.

We have been raising pastured meats in Floyd since 1997, before it was commonly accepted as the the proper way to raise healthy meat. Most of our business has been directly with our customers with a few retail stores and restaurants. Our beef and pork can be purchased directly from us by the retail cut or in bulk by the quarter, half or whole. It is all vacuum-packed and frozen. It can also be purchased at the Harvest Moon in Floyd or Annie Kay’s in Blacksburg.

Last updated on May 17th, 2017

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