Burgeoning Farm

Adam Fisher

Pilot, VA

(540) 216-1357

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Products: Honey, wild foraged mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms, dried mushrooms, ramps and other wild foraged foods, fermented perennial foods

Categories: Artisanal Foods, Farms, Floyd Farmers Market, Retail Outlets

Burgeoning Farm focuses on perennial agriculture and wild foraged foods. By doing this we reduce the need for fossil fuels and land loss due to tillage. Harvesting mushrooms, stewarding bees in sanctuary havens and fermenting perennial foods are the foundations upon which we strive to cultivate a better Earth. We also offer mushroom foraging walks. Certified as sustainable biodynamic beekeeper.

I have been a gardener for 35 years, since I was a child. In 2012 I received a degree in sustainable agriculture. By using permaculture design and biodynamic practices I go beyond organic to create food full of life while reducing land in cultivation. I utilize the most sustainable wild foraging methods possible to ensure no loss of native plants. I also collect seeds and disperse to surrounding areas to create new areas of native plants for future harvesting. My products are sold on my website, to local restaurants, through friends at their farmers market booths, local farm stores, and other local retail outlets. My products are available as individual units or wholesale orders can be arranged. I am committed to developing a loving safe community that appreciates local products, especially food. By working together we are all cultivating a better Earth.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022

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