Deer Park Farm, LLC

Swede McBroom

625 Laurel Creek Road, Pilot, VA 24138

(540) 392-6287

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Products: Vegetable and herb starts (in Spring). House plants, hanging baskets. Gourmet foods (pickles, rubs, sauces, preserve, herbs). Tropical plants and succulents.

Categories: Artisanal Foods, Education, Farm Stores, Floyd Farmers Market, Herbs & Flowers, Retail Outlets

We grow all our produce that goes into our foods; organically grown, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds.I started five years ago as a hobbyist and have been doing gourmet foods for three years. We have found most natural foods are veery medicinal and we try to bring that healthful aspect to it.

We sell at the Floyd Farmers Market and have our own store on the farm. We encourage people to visit us and get to know our farm.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022

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