Firehouse Farms LLC

Madeline Akers

1472 Firehouse Road NW, Willis, VA 24380


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Products: USDA custom exempt meat processing facility. We primarily focus on cows, hogs, sheep, buffalo, and goats. Custom cut sheets

Categories: CSA, Dairy, Eggs, & Meat, Education, Farms

Founded in 2021, Firehouse Farms is a USDA custom exempt meat processing facility. This is a family-owned and operated and family-built establishment. We believe that getting back to smaller and local processing allows for a more sustainable future, as well as benefiting the livestock farmers of the NRV.

We provide emergency appointments to our local farmers. We are a husband and wife team and we strive to provide the best cuts, the most custom experience we can. All cuts come vacuum-sealed in 5 mil bags for optimal freshness and durability. We look forward to growing our business and our capabilities.

Last updated on July 6th, 2024

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