Forgotten Farms

Katie Ann Hunter

Willis, VA 24380

(540) 739-5713

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Products: Organically-grown, heirloom produce and pastured meat and eggs from heritage poultry

Categories: Agritourism, Artisanal Foods, Education, Farm & Garden Supplies, Farms

Forgotten Farms is a nonprofit, regenerative permaculture farm providing organically-grown, heirloom produce and pastured meat and eggs from heritage breed livestock to combat food insecurity locally while raising awareness to shrinking food diversity.

One in seven Americans struggle with food insecurity meaning they can’t get enough to eat or they don’t know where their next meal will come from. Food insecurity is devastating, especially to children. Our current agricultural practices are wreaking havoc on our environment and are a major contributor to the disastrous climate changes affecting us all. It is also part of the solution. The disconnection between feeding the community and farming is caused by our current monetary system which relies on the exploitation of labor from the very individuals who are suffering from food insecurity as well as the expensive and unsustainable means of food production.

Permaculture is an alternative farming method that focuses on sustainability and can help farmers produce more food with less expense and using fewer resources while caring for the Earth and it’s people. By practicing regenerative permaculture, Forgotten Farms is able to operate with minimal overhead and provide healthy food to local individuals in need and community food pantries in the area. Our goal is to create a network of small, sustainable, farms serving the same mission of supplying sustainably farmed heirloom produce and heritage breed meat and eggs, organically produced without GMOs, to individuals and families in need focusing on the fair share principle of permaculture to increase food security locally while providing meaningful employment to fellow, low-income individuals who wish to farm.

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