Gracious Day Milling

Tom Maxey

725 Eanes Road, NE, Check, VA 24072

(540) 250-2156

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Products: Grain products, locally-grown or responsibly-sourced; milled and processed by us

Categories: Artisanal Foods, Farm Stores

Begun in 2017 to supply a local distiller with locally-grown cornmeal free of chemical contaminants, this business has grown through Farmers Markets, direct retail, private sales, and chef collaborations at restaurants into a full milling operation, based in a 12 x 20 modular shop, we assembled with home made and repurposed machinery.

We have a 12″ electric Meadows Grist Mill as the centerpiece of our equipment, and have purchased or made equipment to dehull awned grains and buckwheat, clean grains, sift and separate after grinding, and package as required to maintain our internal quality requirements, along with observing guidelines established by VDACS.

Rivenwood Gardens at Floyd EcoVillage will sell my products.

Last updated on May 25th, 2024

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