Virginia Hunters Who Care, Inc.

Gary C. Arrington

1108 Sedalia School Road, Room #4, Big Island, VA 24526


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Products: We provide venison to feeding/distribution programs at no cost so they can provide this essential meat to their clients for free.

Categories: Education, Food Pantries

The Hunters for the Hungry program was founded in 1991 by David H. Horne. The program is a Virginia-based, Virginia-serving program which utilizes professional processors who accept deer from hunters, farmers, and herd management efforts. These deer are skinned, cut, wrapped, and the meat frozen so it can be distributed to local feeding programs at no cost to them.

In the first year the program processed and distributed 33,948 pounds, 135,792 quarter pound servings, of venison. The program has now distributed over 7.7 million pounds, over 30.9 million servings to men, women, children, the elderly, the homeless, and veterans.

In Floyd County we utilize Willis Village Mart to collect and process deer on our behalf.

Last updated on April 24th, 2024

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