I-tal Acres

Maya or Ed Skopal

1663 Diamond Knob Rd NE, Check, VA 24072

(540) 553-4023

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Products: Floyd Farmers Market full-time vendor, summer. Organic medicinal herb seedlings, organic herbal homegrown tinctures, salves, oils, sprays, & mouthcare; Caribbean fyah sauce (mango-habanero-scotch bonnet hot sauce; we organically grow all the peppers.)

Categories: Floyd Farmers Market, Herbs & Flowers, Plants

We offer organically-grown medicinal herb plants from spring through fall, and can propagate many herbs upon request. We carry over 70 different potent home-grown tinctures, 7 healing salves and infused oils, all prepared with our own herbs and loving vibrations to help and heal all. Every product is created for our family, tested by our family, and approved by our family before making them available to your family and friends. These are the only medicines our children have ever used.

While we do not diagnose or treat ailments, we are passionate about the human-plant relationship and making these amazing plants and their historical uses known and available at a very reasonable cost.

Last updated on March 30th, 2022

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