I-tal Acres

Ed & Maya Skopal

1663 Diamond Knob Rd NE, Check, VA 24072

(540) 553-4023

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Products: Medicinal herb plants, herbal tinctures, salves, mouthwash, toothpaste, oils, aromatherapy, hot sauce

Categories: Floyd Farmers Market, Herbs & Flowers, Plants

In 2008/09 we lived on the island of St. Martin, with the Rastafari Solidarity Organization, our first immersion in food forest/medicinal herb gardens. We established I-TAL Acres Medicinal Herb Farm & Apothecary in 2010. We have been immersed in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains for the past 13 years, caretaking, learning, wildcrafting, and cultivating over 115 species of medicinal plants.

We carry 100+ different tinctures and 7 healing salves, all prepared with our own ital-grown herbs. Every product is created for, tested by, and approved by our family before making them available to your family and friends. These are the only medicines our children have ever used. We do not diagnose or treat ailments.

Last updated on March 20th, 2023

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