Peace and Harmony Farm

Theresa Allen

(704) 430-8687

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Products: Medicinal and culinary plants

Categories: Beverages, Farms, Herbs & Flowers

We believe in nourishing people with food and herbs and empowering them to heal in harmony with the earth. Peace & Harmony Farm is a small herbal farm started by two landscapers in 2009. We combined our passion for plants and natural healing to create a source for wellness and knowledge in our community.

From our garden to your table, we’ve crafted a robust product line that includes elderberry syrup, shrubs, teas, vinegars, ginger syrup, a variety of fire ciders, golden milk powder, and herbal popsicles (a crowd favorite). We handcraft each batch with love and intention, following organic and natural processes.

Providing our customers with the plant allies, knowledge, & tools that help keep us at our best and brightest is what lights us up. You will find our products at Blackssburg farmer’s market, Harvest Moon, Roanoke Coop, The Well of Bedford & our online shop.

Last updated on April 26th, 2024

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