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Red Rae Lee

2424 Floyd Highway North, Floyd, VA 24091

(276) 728-3057

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Products: Chicken eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, pickled quail eggs, fertile eggs, baby chicks

Categories: Dairy, Eggs, & Meat, Farms, Floyd Farmers Market

I grew up in Floyd and my grandparents and father were cattle, horse, sheep, poultry, and produce farmers. I left for many years after college and returned 2.5 years ago to purchase a nice home and land. We have worked to build our land into a nice poultry farm, dug out a big duck pond, and have equine with a big new barn. We give and care for our animals like they are our children. Big new pens and coops, electrified and covered net pens, and working on patent pending watering system for year-round access to animals.

All pens, coops, barn are heated in winter. Animals enjoy pasture feeding with lots of grass seeing and natural grains. I love being back in Floyd and we supply eggs to Plenty! when we can. I want to give back to the community I was born in and sell good wholesome eggs to others. We sell to local mom and pop stores and people in the community. People pick up and we deliver to cancer patients and shut-ins who need eggs for protein.

Last updated on March 27th, 2023

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