StoneRoot Farm

Jon Beegle

(540) 250-6587

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Products: Shiitake mushrooms, eggs, beef, ramps, asparagus, elderberries, BBQ sauce (Alabama White Lightning, Red Moon Rising, South Carolina Hooch, Floyd Firewater).

Categories: Farms

StoneRoot Farm is dedicated to following agroforestry practices including silvo-pasture and sustainable harvesting and planting of endangered wild harvested wood grown herbs.

We purchased the farm in 2000 and began farming in 2001. We sold produce at the Blacksburg farmers market for 2 years. While we kept a personal garden, work responsibilities took us away from selling produce in 2004. We are currently planting perennial crops with blueberries in our short-term future. We began raising cattle in 2003 and continue that practice now. Dana has completed her masters in Agroforestry. We are in the process of installing a silvo-pasture on our property with the help of NRCS funding. Tours are available upon request.

Last updated on July 6th, 2024

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