The Soup Shop

Susan Huff

7360 Floyd Highway N., Copper Hill, VA 24079


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Products: Soups, spreads, salads, sandwiches, and more

Categories: Artisanal Foods, Restaurants & Food Trucks

Savory and satisfying meals from our kitchen to yours. either take-out or eat-in. Eat well to be well, as we pride ourselves in real, organic, and local foods that are unprocessed and seasonal, straight from the Farm!

Susan Huff, owner and cook, believes that choosing local farm-fresh foods and preparing them with respect and reverence is what the world needs now! Buying directly from the local farmer, we value and appreciate food grown with integrity. Sourcing local goods of all kinds, including hand-crafted goodness is our mission! By using fresh, responsibly-sourced ingredients, I can connect my clients to the art and soul of Eating WELL while supporting the community! To your health!

Last updated on July 6th, 2024

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