Weathertop Farm, LLC

Sarah Shannon

963 Eanes Rd NE, Check, VA 4072

(540) 651-2010

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Products: Pasture-raised chicken, eggs, turkeys, hogs. Grass-fed lamb and beef.

Categories: Dairy, Eggs, & Meat, Farm Stores, Farms, Floyd Farmers Market

At Weathertop Farm we are dedicated to holistic, regenerative agriculture, and to that end we practice multi-species rotational grazing for the greater health and fertility of the soil. All animals are on pasture where they get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and good things to eat. The beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed, on pastures that are free of any pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical inputs. The poultry and hogs also enjoy eating from these pastures in addition to their grain ration which is sourced from a local mill that grows and blends GMO-free feed.

We offer our products directly here at the farm, at the Floyd Farmers Market, the Blacksburg Market, and some limited wholesale to local food stores.

Last updated on March 28th, 2023

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