Weathertop Farm, LLC

Cedric & Sarah Shannon

963 Eanes Rd NE, Check, VA 4072

(540) 651-2010

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Products: Floyd Farmers Market full-time vendor, summer. Chicken, whole & cuts; Duck; Turkey (for Thanksgiving);Rabbit;Eggs; Pork whole/half and cuts; Duck; Lamb whole/half, sometimes cuts.

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Our mission is to be economically, socially & environmentally responsible while providing a healthy alternative to industrial meat. The cornerstone of our farming practice is daily rotational grazing. We offer pasture-raised chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, duck, rabbit & eggs for sale.

Since our small beginnings in 2003 we have been pursuing sustainable farming by raising our animals in an intensively-managed pasture rotation system. All animals enjoy pasture that is free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. The rotational grazing builds soil fertility, controls for parasites, and optimizes pasture growth while providing the best quality feed for our animals. All additional feed is non-GMO, locally grown and custom-mixed at a local mill. Our products are available year-round at our farm and at the Blacksburg Farmers market, seasonally at the Floyd Farmers Market, at several local health-food stores, as well as on specific on-farm pick-up days by pre-order.

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